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hoping, being, going, making, writing

I don’t know about where you are, but here in Denmark we still have only had one or two nice warm days. I am really hoping for some nice weather soon! We can’t seem to break the 20 degrees mark, with most days hanging around 15. Some mornings it gets down to about 5 degrees. We actually had to turn the furnace back on a few weeks back because the house temperature just wasn’t comfortable. I’m ready for some sun!

I have been working on being up on time to take the kids to daycare/preschool this week. I have only managed it once, on Monday. It seems that if I take my medication any later than 8.30pm, I just can’t get up early enough. But I don’t want to be in bed at 8.30. Some nights this is not even possible. I am not sure what do about this one. If I take my meds later than 9 I feel hung over in the morning. Like right now. I took my drugs at 9.20, and I feel like all the coffee in the world won’t wake me up. But I need to get up nd moving. I have a photoshoot at 10.

Sean took the day off tomorrow and we are going to a city about an hour north of where we live to look at a car. We have really started to consider the fact that we just need a car that fits all of us. Currently we use my father-in-laws car when he is out of the country, so we have a car most of the time. But with summer coming up we will be carless, and with 6 people, and no car it kind of stucks now that we live out of town. It also sucks having the car we have now, because we don’t all fit in it, so I am usually left home or taking the bus. I am doubtful we will buy the car tomorrow, but the fact that we are going to look is a step in the right direction. So I am kind of excited about it. The car we are going to look at is a Mazda Premacy. Nothing too fancy. It’s cheap. We just need something we can afford and something that will run.

I need to start making a plan on what I want to buy for the prop shop. I should be getting some money that I am loaning soon so I need to make some decisions. The problem is that I want to do too many things. I really really want to buy a saw and some painting stuff so that I can make some wooden props.. but I also want to buy some more wool for weaving blankets, braids and to do some felting…. Then there is fabric… I need more fabric for to make maternity gowns for photogrphy to add to the shop. So.Many.Things! I need to sit down and make a budget for the money.

I have been really enjoying writing on my blog lately. I really look forward to the days that I post. I think I am catching that blogging bug again. It is nice to have that outlet. It is nice to have a bit of community that comes with it. I am also looking forward to July when I can start posting more the the business blog. I am hoping to do some photography editing tutorials on there. Probably in video form. Actually, just in general I am looking forward to Sophie starting in daycare. As much as I love having her home.. I am missing time by myself. I am a more introverted person. I need that time by myself. I am also looking forward to be able to really focus on the business during the day, so that when the kids get home, I can really focus on them. Right now all I can focus on is all the stuff I didn’t get done… I’m also looking forward to summer holidays. Summer please come soon!!

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