This weeks themes:

calling, borrowing, taking, feeling, telling

I don’t know about you, but I dread when someone is calling me. I hate talking on the phone. If my phone rings, if I don’t know the number or if it turns up private I don’t answer. 99% of the time it is a telemarketer calling me. They are so damn persistent. I have even gone so far as to save their numbers and mark it telemarketer so that I don’t pick up. I am really just not a really talkative person. Silences can be awkward, but dead air on the phone? Horrible! And then there is the whole danish issue. I can manage to figure it out most of the time in person. But on the phone I really really have to  listen.. and half the time I totally don’t get what they say. This whole issue with talking on the phone thing is nothing new. I have always hated talking on the phone. Even when I was a kid I would never answer the phone.

Our oldest keeps borrowing dresses and skirts from her younger sister which means she is always dressing a bit unapproapriatly. Like come on, I was expecting the battle of the too short dresses and skirts when she was a teenager, but not when she is 5! I really want her to dress herself, it is one less thing for me to do in the morning… however the argument and tears about being half naked sometimes just isn’t worth it. She also sometimes likes to borrow my night dresses, you know, they nice ones I occasionally wear to make my  husband happy (seriously… is there anyway to phrase that without sounding dirty.. to make my husband… to please my husband…. whatever….).  The teenage years are going to fun in this house…..

I have been planning on when I am taking some time off. Or at least I am going to try and take the last 2 weeks of July off from work. I hope I manage it. Knowning my luck my website will blow up or something… heres hoping for summer sun, the beach and some downtime!

I am feeling a bit stressed at the moment. Today is election day in Denmark, and we could see a big change in government at the end of it. This could mean big things in immigration policy, and if the government does change it might make things more difficult. But really, it is hard to say anything at the moment. But still…. it is a bit nerve wreaking when I still only have a temporary visa here.