This weeks themes

craving, feeling, thinking, loving, reading 

I have been craving soft ice cream for weeks. Now that is is finally warm enough for it, I am super disappointed that I can’t buy a soft ice cream cone in my town! How am I going to survive the summer without soft ice cream? Luckily for me, out summer will probably only last a few weeks, because really… the weather has been shit so far this year. We were finally able to turn off the heat in the house yesterday. Until this week, it has still been chilly in the mornings.

I have a bunch of different feelings today. Yesterday Sophie had her first day at daycare. Since it was her first day we went with a half day. Since there were no problems, and she has 3 siblings with her, she will do a full day today. I am bit sad. After 5 years of either being pregnant or having a baby at home (or both), it is a bit strange to not have/be either. The thought of those days are done for us is a bit sad. On the other hand… omg… it is soooo nice to be home alone!! I was actually about to 10 k on the indoor cycle this morning… uninterupted.. I am able to go to the washroom without an audience…. I can actually work today! I love my kids… but FREEDOM!!!!

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about my carreer goals. In all honestly I am unsure if I want to be self employed 5 or 10 years from now. Sometimes I with I could just go to work, work, and come home and not think about work. BUT…. I can’t image working for someone else. I like being my own boss. I like deciding when I will work. I am hoping over the next months I will be able to organize and figure it out.

I have really been loving fostering my creative side lately. I did a small waterpainting in my sketch book the other night. I am painting a large tree siloutte in our dinning room. I order  bunch more wool and a felting kit so that I can make more items for the shop. It is soothing to create.

I am still working on reading The Magicians. I really only manage to read a few pages every couple of days. However I am really starting to enjoy it. I think I need to find more time to read. It is so nice to get lost in another story for a bit. I used to read a lot. I hope that I will be able to read a lot again. I am currently reading on my tablet, but I miss having a read book in my hands. But since money is tight and e-books tend to be cheaper…. still I am looking forward to days when I can sit outside and read. I just need to get a lounge chair for out side.

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