I was really sad to see the Currently link up go. I really liked having a prompt each week, and it kept me coming back to the blog. However they refered everyone to another similar link up Sunday Lately. So I am going to try and keep up with that until I can manage to properly get back into blogging. And in true Not So Ugly Ducklings style, I am two days late with my first post. Oh well..

Dwelling. I really haven’t been doing much of this lately. In all honestly I have been too busy to dwell on anything, which is good I guess. Actually I have really been trying to not dwell on stuff. I used to really spend a lot of time dwelling on my photography work. You know, am I good enough, oh that photographer is so much better, are my prices right, etc. But I kind have ditched that line of thought. I spent so much time worrying about things instead of just doing what I wanted to do. Now I just do what I want to do. And it is paying off. One thing I really had issues with was prices. I always have a hard time charging a lot because I myself can not afford to pay a photographer for pictures. I know there are a lot of others in similar positions. I think every family deserves nice pictures of their kids without it having to break the bank. So I ditched the high prices, and priced at what I could afford. I have made it more flexible, so that they can choose to purchase more if they want. And I am making more money now. I’m happy.


Forgetting. I have been so busy that I am constantly worrying that I am forgetting something. My biggest fear is forgetting a photoshoot or to send out a product. So far so good though… knock on wood.

Switching. I kind of mentioned this above, but I have switched my photography style to something that I love. All my images now have a painted look. I am focusing on fantasy / fine art pictures. It is great. I love the creative freedom, and no two pictures are the same.

Helping. The kids are really into helping lately. So much so that they sometimes fight over who gets to ‘help’. Sometimes this means that while they are fighting I can quickly get it done myself before the realize it. Other times it means I have 4 kids all helping me with my shoes. Or I end up pulling them apart just so that I can get my shoe from them so I can put it on. It is interesting with 4 kids so close in age. The older 3 are also wanting to help Sophie a lot, however she usually doesn’t want their help.

Relying. I can tell you what I have not been relying on…. my internet. It has been frustratingly up and down the past two weeks, which is very frustrating when you rely on it for work! One day it will be fine, and others I will be lucky if I get a full 20 minutes before it drops. We are having someone come and look at it today, so hopefully they are able to work it out.




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