Oh hi blog world. Did you forget about me? It is okay if you did. It has been a while. So much has happened since my last blog post. Here is a look at my past, present and future.


IMG_6060Right after my last blog post in August I went on a trip to Rome. I will just say that it was fantastic. And I want to go back. And I still need to edit the pictures I took while there. I will maybe do a blog post about my trip. Maybe I wont. We will see.

We also had two birthday’s. Olivia turned 3, Sophie turned 1. Again, this needs a post of it’s own. I sadly do not have many pictures of this. We did have a fun Halloween party to celebrate though.

I opened a new business, Mini Backdrops , and it is going fantastic. All these wonderful things happened. However, there are big reasons as to why I was always from the blog. My Health.

There are two parts of this. My fibromyalgia, which I have blogged about. However, sometime in July I started taking birth control pills to deal with issues I have with my period. I won’t go into details, however we learnt the hard way that me and the pill do not get along well. Put simply it makes me one angry bitch. It make me depressed, and worse, it make me hate my family. That is strong language to use, but I honestly did not want anything to do with me. I could barely stand being around the kids. Finally, a couple weeks after Rome (which I really did not want to come home from), the hubby said I had to stop taking them. We couldn’t do it anymore. So I did, and I am no longer angry. Thank goodness.

But… we had also run into the problem that my medications that I was taking to help sleep were no longer workings. These being antidepressants, I did not want to just quite them without talking to the doctors. It was decided to get rid of those as well. I stopped them cold turkey, and I had a couple horrible weeks of withdrawal, and I still get the occasional issue (dizziness).

As you can imagine all the hormonal changes left me a bit drained emotionally, and I will be honest it has been hard to find a proper balance with it all. But we are getting there.


IMG_1305That kind of brings us up to now. As I mentioned Mini Backdrops is going really well. However I have also started a new job this past week. I am now the Web/IT lead for a Company located in Copenhagen. I know I know, another thing. Well things had to give. I have had to cut down my photography, which is more due to health than my new job. I have also closed Lil Prop Shop. But I am okay with that as well. I have set a plan and limitations. And more importantly I am trying my best to spend more time with the kids. However, sleep has become an issue again, and there are some days where the pain levels are high and I am incredibly overwhelmed. Luckily I have a wonderful loving husband who understand that I need to take breaks during the day. We are working on it. I am working on it.


I am not one for making resolutions. However this year, I really want to focus on me, and my wellbeing. A big part of that is to loose the weight I gained from my medications and to find a bit of calm in my otherwise crazy life. Part of this is to try and get back here. Writing helps, even if there are only a few that read it. I want to make sure I don’t overrun myself. I want to make more time with the kids. I want more one and one time with my husband. I want to focus on home. Making our house more of a home.

So welcome 2016. I am ready for you.