Although our Easter holiday is 5 days long here in Denmark, we decided to keep the whole Easter thing low key this year. We definitely never have plans to celebrate it like I did as a kid with Easter baskets that include toys, and tons and tons of chocolate and candy and multiple Easter eggs hunts. For one thing, the whole Easter basket thing isn’t that big in Denmark (yet..) so the kids don’t know what they are missing. And really… as much fun as it was as a kid.. we can’t really afford it for 4 kids. So we limited it to one day.

That being said, I really wanted to do egg dying with the kids. This was the first year that I did it with the kids and I think the really enjoyed it.

CoffeeShop SB 34 fWe only dyed 15 eggs, but that was enough. Even Sophie got to color on a couple before setting them in the dye and she really loved being included.

The next morning (Sunday) I got up early and headed outside to hide the eggs we dyed and some chocolate eggs and a bunny each for the kids outside. I made sure that if they looked out the window they would see some, and sure enough not long after the woke up they went screaming through the house shouting ‘EASTER EGGS… THERE ARE EASTER EGGS OUTSIDE’.

So we got them dressed to go out. I had hoped to take some good pictures of the kids looking for the eggs… however ended having to lecture the kids on sharing and helping their younger siblings.. as the two oldest ran ahead and started collecting ALL the eggs before Olivia and Sophie even had a chance to do anything.

CoffeeShop SB 34 cHowever after that discussion they were much better with sharing and helping each other.

IMG_4147Although.. perhaps they need to learn to open their eyes a bit better. In the picture below Elisabeth is trying to look on the roof to find eggs… and did not even notice the two right beside her… hehe. And like a good mother, I just took pictures and insisted to her that there were two eggs really close. Julius and Olivia ended up spotting them and telling Elisabeth so she could get them down.

IMG_4159One rule we have when we do an Easter egg hunt is that they all have to share, so we take all the stuff we find and put it all together. This is their loot for this year:

IMG_4165It isn’t much. But we try to limit how much sugar the kids get in a day. Mostly because if Julius has too much sugar he becomes unmanageable and difficult, which is no fun for anyone in the house. Sunday there were able to eat a bit more than normal, but the next day I crushed a bunch of the chocolate eggs to make chocolate pancakes, and the rest they will get over the next few weeks.

For the rest of Easter sunday we just hanged out and the kids watched Easter themed tv and movies. And that was our Easter celebrations. Not much, but enough 🙂