You know those days where you have about 100 things to do on your list, yet you choose to spend your time doing something completely different.. just to avoid those other 100 things? That is me today. I am so behind on work due to some electrical issues yesterday and missing ink to the printer. I should be editing photos for Fantasy Foto. I should be doing a number of things for Mini Backdrops. Instead I have spent the morning messing around with a new design here.

I really want to get back to blogging. Like more than 1 post a month kind of thing. But I feel like my space here on the web needs some updating. I kind of have it in the right direction I think. It isn’t finished, and I will probably play with it some more over the next week or so. I am hoping it will motivate me to write here more.

What do you think of the new design so far? Be sure to check out the homepage.

I really love my new logo that I had made. It fits our family perfectly.