I think about this blog almost every day. During the day I think about witty blog posts I could write. In the evening I think about writing posts just updating on the family for those long time readers who might still check in every now and again. But when it comes to sitting down and writing a blog post… well it just doesn’t happen. There are reasons for this.

I have been busy. I have been putting all my focus on Mini Backdrops in hopes to be able to earn an income by the end of the year. It’s not there yet. I’m not sure it will get there this year. Maybe next year. Either way I devote a lot of time to that.

But the biggest reason as to why I haven’t been blogging is…. I’m not sure what I want to blog about here. Part of my just wants this to be an open letter where I can blog about the struggles we have been going through. Blogging about being a mother to four small kids, and what that is like. Or perhaps I should focus on the fact that I am a Canadian living in Denmark. I really haven’t blogged much about what that is like. And then there is photography, I could blog about that. I also could just blog about our adventures we take visiting different places here in Denmark with the kids. There are so many options.

The business side of me thinks ‘Des, you need to focus, narrow down and choose a theme/topic if you want to grow this blog to anything’. The more free thinking creative side of me things ‘Who cares if anyone reads this, do what ever floats your boat at the time’. This actually sums me up really well, a constant battle between my more business like side vs my more creative side. It is a bit tiring really, but what it has really summed up to is just avoiding blogging here all together.

And I don’t have an answer for this problem of mine. So this blog will probably still be a mix of whatever at the time. Perhaps I should make an honest effort to post about something.. anything… once a week and perhaps it will fall in place. But I always wonder, what do my readers (the few that I have) want to read about? Is a little bit of this and that okay? Or should I really just focus on one thing or another?