Yes, there is something that I hate about having 4 kids. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t imagine NOT having 4 kids, but that doesn’t mean I have to love every aspect of it right? Nothing is ever 100% peachy all the time. And there are many things that I LOVE about having 4 kids, but that is a whole other post. There are many things that get on my nerves about having 4 kids as well but the number one thing I hate most about having 4 kids is this:


Laundry… endless laundry. It is everywhere in my house.. and in my car.. and in my pockets of every piece of clothing that has pockets.

It is this never ending task that I seem to never ever get caught up on. With 6 people, 4 of which are under the age of 6, there is almost 1 to 2 loads of new laundry every day. Did I mention that I also live in Europe, the land of tiny washing machines? Oh and that we hang dry most of the time because running the drying is expensive it is better for the environment.

Also why is it that when I do finally get caught up, the kids get sick, which means endless washing of blankets and towels?

But it is okay.. I have a system.

1 load in the wash

1 load hanging

1 load to fold

Every.Single.Day.Of.The.Week as needed.

If I do the above, then I tend to avoid this:


Yes, this is our laundry room right now. Sometimes I can’t open the washing machine. Yes this is insane. However… there are blankets and sheets somewhere in there as well, so it really isn’t as bad as it looks okay?

But back to the system. If I stick with it, then I tend to keep caught up on laundry to ensure that my kids have fresh underwear every day (don’t get me started about socks though….). Now, I know some of you are probably like, just knock it out in a weekend. Sorry… that is a no go here. One load of laundry in our washer takes 4.5 hrs. Yep… so I can do 2 loads a day if I am lucky.

There it is. What I hate most about having 4 kids is all the laundry.

What about you? Do you have ways to keep on top of the laundry? Do you have 4 kids? Share in the comment section below.

what I hate about having 4 kids