I had started to participate in the Sunday Lately weekly blogs posts but then I stopped blogging, but I thought perhaps I can start them up again. So here we go:

This week’s themes: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, Scheduling.

Completing: Homework everyday. In my late post I wrote about Elisabeth starting school. Well each day she comes home she wants to do some sort of homework. I am okay with this, so I usually find her some sort of printable where she can practice writing letters or something of the sort. I know other days she will have homework, and I think it is important that we set some good habits now. We decided it is the first thing she should do when she comes home. However, because of this she now gets to stay up 30 minutes later and gets free choice of tv, so I think she is pretty happy about this deal. At least for now.

Visiting: My mom is planning on coming and visiting us at the end of September or in October. I can’t wait. I know the kids will be so excited. We haven’t told them yet. I think we will let it be a surprise. It has been 2 years since we have seen her (downfall of living on the other side of the world).

Repeating: I am so excited about the new Gilmore Girls episodes that are coming in November that I have been re-watching (that counts as repeating right?) the series. Now, I have seen this series probably about 5 times, however it has been a couple years since my last watch, and I am really enjoying watching it again. I am also sitting there and thinking ‘are they going to refer to this moment in the new episodes?’ all the time. Also… Richard… cry…. I am not sure it will be the same without him.

Writing: I really having been writing too much, however I have made it a goal to post at least once on this blog and I really want to get the blog back up and running on Mini Backdrops. However that is a lot of writing, and for the moment I just need to figure out a schedule to juggle the business, family and school. I also imagine that there will be a lot more writing in school. I haven’t mentioned it yet, and I plan to write a post, but I have started going back to school again. I am taking a 2 yr marketing program. Speaking of all that….

Scheduling: Everything! August is crazy. Elisabeth starting school, me starting school, me running two businesses. I still have 4 newborn photo shoots to do this month and I am just waiting for them to pop out. I am now in school 5 days a week, and our schedule is wonky because I don’t have an official schedule yet for school. So I am trying to figure out time for family, studying and also time to run Mini Backdrops. It doesn’t help that Mini Backdrops is taking off like crazy this month. Which is good… but stressful at the moment. But it all good. We will figure it out. We just need to get through this August and half of September. At this point I will be stopping with photography, which means no more 5 hour editing sessions. That will free up a lot of time.


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