Can you believe it is October? I can’t. Time is just flying by this year.

And I can’t seem to get back into blogging here. But I really want to! So much so that I hired Courtney from Sweet Southern Media to do a new blog design for me. It isn’t 100% done yet, we still need to clean up all the little details.. but what do you think?

It is also through Courtney that I heard about Write 31 Days, a blog writing challenge that occurs every October.  I thought maybe this could be a good way to get back into the rhythm of writing blog post again. One aspect of it is choosing a topic to write about for 31 days. This was a hard one for me.. I am a bit all over the place right now. School, running Mini Backdrops and working on starting a virtual assistant business. But  because of all this business, I have kind to stopped taking care of me. This leads me to my topic of choice:


This month I am going to be working at implementing healthier practices in my daily life, and to make myself accountable I am going to blog about it every day.

Now I am not setting hard and fast rules here, but there are two particular things that I am really going to stick to:

  1. Cutting out sugar. This has turned into a crutch for me while I am stressed and busy. Too much sugar and fibromyalgia do not go well together. So I am limiting myself to sugar in my tea or coffee.
  2. Exercise everyday, with either a bit of yoga or cycling. Nothing major, I will just be starting with getting in 10 minutes a day. I am in the midst of a fibro flare up, so I need to start small.

Other things I want to work on is increasing my water intake, and making sure I take time for myself. Doing something that is fun and non-work related, be it hoping on WOW for an hour, or sitting and reading a book. My inner introvert is feeling neglected and I am starting to feel a bit tapped out. I need to remember to take a bit of alone time. Give my mind a break and body a break.

It should be interesting… we will see how it goes.

So here is to 31 days to a healthier me.