So yesterday was my first day of no sugar and the start of the month of trying to create healthier habits for myself. If you missed my post yesterday, you can read it here and find out more about why I am doing this.

The start of the day was easy enough. Got up, went to work like I do every Saturday, had coffee. I was actually working on some images for this blog, and though.. I need a new family picture and some headshots. So I convinced my husband that we should take the kids out and try and attempt to do some family pictures. I had the perfect place in mind, and we decided to go after lunch. That way Sophie could sleep during the drive.

Getting ready for all this was a good distraction. Instead of staying down in my office and working until noon, I came up at 10 and was able to focus on something other than work. Honestly it was nice.

We got ready and headed out to some cliffs by the sea.


We had been here with the kids before, so they were excited to here. I may have also bribed them with ice cream if they behaved. So worth it:


So all that was great. We got fresh air, some exercise and a good family picture. Then we went home, and my first challenge of the day came up. Not to eat the ice cream that I was serving the kids. Guys this was hard! I served them up ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. And. It. Look. So. Good.

But I didn’t have any. Yay me! The rest of the day was uneventful. I skipped having cola at dinner, ignored the leftover candy I have sitting on my desk and once the kids were in bed, when my sugar craving was at an all time high, I had some raspberries.

As far as my 10 minutes of exercise, I opted for cycling. We have an indoor cycle, so I could quickly get this done watching some tv.

I didn’t get me time. But instead of going off and working in the evening I decide to not work and the husband and I watched a couple episodes of a tv series we are watching together. Overall I would call it a successful day.