So yesterday was a bit of a challenge avoiding sugar. We went to a birthday party, which meant cake, that I didn’t eat.

Danish pastry - original Wienerbrod from Copenhagen

I am kind of proud of myself. I am normally really good and convincing myself of giving myself an exception. Just a little bit today… it’s a special occasion. But this always leads to ‘well I had some yesterday, so it doesn’t matter if I have some today’, or ‘a little bit won’t hurt’. All of those little bit’s end up being a lot on a regular basis. Saying no to all seems to keep me on track better when I am trying to cut sugar from my diet.

I managed to get 10 minutes of cycling in before heading to bed.

Other than that, they day was uneventful. I didn’t take any me time. I am working very hard at launching my virtual assistant website, so I opted to work on that once the kids were in bed and I had cycled.

So sorry all, a bit of a boring and short post for you today.