I don’t think I have blogged about this, but for the last year we have been dealing with an asthma diagnoses and allergies. Perhaps I wrote about it briefly when I wrote about getting rid of the kittens? I honestly don’t remember.

Well, I am going to write about it now. It is something that weighs on my mind constantly.

Last November, Julius woke up in the middle of the night crying and complaining about a tummy ache. When this happens, we usually move them to the leather couch, where if they puke, it is easier to clean up. Either I or Sean sleep on the other couch with them to be there if needed. But that night was different. Julius was really difficult to calm down. I ended up distracting him with cartoons at 2 am, while waiting for the puke. No puke, he fell asleep, but laying there beside him is when I noticed he seemed to be having a really hard time breathing. I spent the rest of the night listening to him breathe, stressed and not sure what to do.

The next morning I took him to the doctors, and we left there with a prescription for an inhaler and a diagnoses of asthmatic bronchitis and I was told to bring him back if he didn’t have improvements in 14 days.

At first it seemed he made improvements, however about a month later we had another similar episode. I should mention, that it always started our with him complaining that his tummy hurts. In to the doctor again, this time a different inhaler and an emergency inhaler and a referral to a children’s asthma specialist. Other than the referral, we had no concrete answers, and no idea what were supposed to do if something happened.

While waiting to get into the specialist, we had another bad night, again starting out as a tummy ache, with progressed to difficult breathing. It was bad enough that we called the emergency at the hospital, however we were told to continue giving his emergency medicine every 20 minutes until his lungs opened up better, or call 112 (911 here) if he started turning blue or if he couldn’t talk to us. We never got to that point thankfully, but it was a stressful night.

Fast forward to his appointment.

That particular day, the doctor could not hear anything in his lungs. Normally on the first visit it is just a introduction, and they don’t normally do any tests. However Julius was with it that day, and they decided to do them anyways. So we did the first round of tests before medicine. Then another round after taking asthma medicine. The doctor was surprised… there was a huge improvement after taking the medicine, which meant he did indeed have asthma. He just shows atypical symptoms. Perhaps I should write a whole post about that.

This diagnoses has meant a lot of doctor visits over the last year, including allergy tests. Turns out he is allergic to cats and dust mites. The cats are easy to deal with.. dust mites are another issue, and probably the worst to have because you can never get 100% away from them.

Currently he is on preventative medicine that he takes twice a day, and we have an emergency inhaler. We are lucky, we haven’t had any serious asthma attacks that have landed us in the hospital. Luckily he is really good about it. He is okay with taking his medicine. He does need to work on telling adults if he needs his emergency inhaler.

This is something always on my mind, and I worry about it constantly. I have read that most kids with asthma will have at least one episode which will land them in the hospital. We are coming into dust mite high season… and I won’t lie.. I am a bit stressed about it and hoping that it doesn’t bother him.

And the icing on the cake? A couple of weeks ago, I was diagnosed with asthma and a dust mite allergy. I had minor sport induced asthma as a kid. So at least we can share in the experience together I guess.

Do you have an asthma kid?