So I think I may have causally mentioned in another blog post that I am currently going back to school. Sometime in July, our situation changed financially and I had to make a decision. I could find a job to supplement my income, I could close my business and go on unemployment until I found a job, or I could go back to school. I originally opted for the first option, and applied for a couple part time jobs. However after not even making it to the interview process, I was pushed into deciding between the last two.

Now, I should mention, Mini Backdrops is doing great. It covers its own bills, however it does not give me enough profit to pay our bills. The business is only a year old, and this is completely normal, however not good for us economically. But I just could not close it, which is a condition if I choose to close to go on unemployment while looking for a job. So that brought us to the third option: School.

Denmark offers free university, and while you are in school, you receive a monthly income that is about equal to working part time. On top of this you can take a very low interest study loan that you do not start paying off until 2 years after you are finished studying. You receive this loan each month you are in school, and when you combine the two, you earn almost full time pay. On top of this, you are allowed to earn as well. Normally there is a cap on this, but since I am a parent the earning cap is quite high (and I will never reach it). Now normally, since I am a foreign student I would have to apply for a university program in March, however contacted a local school to see if there was any room in their international program. It was a smaller institution, so I thought I might have a shot, and luckily enough for me there was space.img_1945

At the end of August, I started an AP degree in Marketing Management (2 year program). I’m not gonna lie, I am the old person in the class. Most of my classmates are 18 or 19. Going to school every day kind of sucks. I think it is more of an adjustment. I have spent the last 6 years working from home and hanging out with kids. Now I have to actually get dressed each day and have this urge to ditch my maternity pants and sweat pants and at least look a little bit presentable. Also I have to talk to people again.. in English.. which is kind of strange. I have finally gotten used to the idea of speaking Danish with all people and now I have to use English again. My brain is confused and I end up mixing the two constantly.

But I am adjusting fine. Some days I even enjoy it, although a lot of the material I have covered in my bachelor degree. But it also means I am doing very well on my exams. Some days I am frustrated that it takes so much of my time. I would much rather spend the time working on my business. But for now the plan is this: go to school, run my business on the side. Hopefully I will learn some things that will make running my business better. If by the end of the two years Mini Backdrops is not making enough profit for me to live on, I will at least have a degree that will make me more hirable. Or I can take more education. I don’t know. That’s the plan anyways. Some days it sucks, most days it is okay. And for the most part me being the old person in the class hasn’t been an issue, but a bunch of 18 years olds can sure make a 30 year old feel old! But at least I get to see this view some mornings: