It snowed this week!

I am sure my family back in Canada is thinking… um thats nice… But you see, snow in Denmark this early in November is not so common. I think it is the earliest we have had snow, or enough to actually play in, in the entire time I have lived in Denmark, which is almost 10 years now.

I will be honest… I was not overjoyed. You see, I was not prepared for it. The kids were missing this or that, and one was missing a snow suit all together. But, Sophie’s reaction… was worth every snowflake.


At first, in the morning while going out to the car she seemed a bit confused by it. She is only 2, so I doubt she remembers any snow from last year. However, when we picked her up from daycare she was more than overjoyed about it. She giggled and laughed and said ‘cool’ ‘it’s so fun’. It was so darn cute.

The older 3 were very excited. There was a lot of commotion in the house in the morning when they looked out the window, so of course the moment they got home they headed outside to play in the snow.


I threw on some gummi boots, since my winter boots are not really made for the snow, grabbed my camera and went out so I could take some pictures. They enjoyed.. I froze and decided to enjoyed watching them from the warmth of the house and a window. Luckily.. they did not care too much because their father joined them instead.

However, like most typical snow falls in Denmark… it was gone by the next day. A mix of slightly warmer weather and rain (which we can get a lot of) melted all the snow. I was a bit disappointed, as I kind of wanted to take the kids sledding this weekend. Hopefully we will get another good snowfall, but Danish weather is a bit of a mystery, so there is no