Happy New Year!

I thought I would share a little bit of how we rang in the new year with the kids. Honestly, I was pretty tired from Christmas, so we made a decision to keep it low key this year. With for kids that are still young, we always have a hard time deciding if we want them up to midnight or not. This year we decided that we would do a little bit of celebrating, then send them off to bed so that the husband and I could relax and spend the evening together.

However, we didn’t want the kids to fully miss out, so we decorated a bit with them.

Or in other words, made a huge mess of the table…

I had purchased some table bombs, which were also a lot of fun with the kids, and they loved them.

I think next year I will buy even more of these. The kids loved them so much and they sent confetti everywhere, which although creates a massive mess, it was a lot of fun and festive. After lighting some of these table bombs, we sent the kids off to play or watch tv while we started to make dinner. We try to make us a good dinner for new years, and give the kids something they will eat. They are not old enough to fancy dinner, so we don’t waste the time. A couple of the kids are super picky eaters, so instead of presenting them with food they will not eat they got this:

However, the husband I did not want to have hot dogs, so we swapped them for steaks for us.

Buy dinner time, it was dark out, and many people had started to light fireworks, and the kids were really excited about this. So after dinner we headed outside and lit off a couple of the ones we purchased. This was interesting…. Elisabeth and Julius were totally into it. Sophie wasn’t sure of the situation and Olivia doesn’t like loud noises. So after one, she wanted to watch, but be inside. Also the first set that Sean set off blew over, which sent a firework over to sean and into our bushes. Luckily nothing happened, but for the rest we decided to fire them from a spot where the kids could watch inside.

After that we headed inside, got the kids some cake with whipped cream, and turned on a couple count downs that were on Netflix. We then sent the kids off to bed.

Both Sean and I were really tired at this point, however we decided to try and stay up. So we played a couple rounds of Mysterium, which was a lot fun. But…. we were both tired and it wasn’t midnight, so we went to bed and watched some youtube videos. However, about 5 minutes before midnight, we decided to stop being old and boring and headed outside to watch the fireworks.

New Year Eve is actually my favorite holiday in Denmark. I LOVE fireworks, and here in Denmark, everyone fires fireworks at midnight. It is insane, crazy, beautiful and a supercharged moment. It is wonderful and I love it. Now living in a small town, it is not as intense as it is if you are in a city. But for a small town, there is still fireworks going off all around.

As well stood out in the street, I felt a bit sad that the kids were missing it. It is really magical. So I ran bad into the house and woke Elisabeth, threw a large coat over her and carried her outside. She was super confused at first but when she saw the first one explode above us she said ‘Ooooo beautiful.. thank you mom’. It was a perfect moment. I sent Sean in to try and wake Julius… but he wasn’t successful, so we just enjoyed the fireworks with our oldest out in the street for another 10 or 15 minutes.

It was a great way to start our 2017.