Have you chosen a word for the year? That one word that is supposed to give you focus and give you some sort of path to go down for 2017? I will admit, I have known about choosing a guiding word for a few years now. I have seen many bloggers talk about it, but I have never chosen to do this. I always felt it was a bit still, intriguing, but silly. How can one word work for an entire year? What if your word is no longer relevant after the first couple of months? Do you just choose another word? So many questions for me surround one word.

But… after spending 2016 lost, scattered and in many ways ending it feeling a bit defeated I decided that I am going to choose a word for 2017. A word that if at the end of the year I can look back on and say that I felt I achieved at ANY point in 2017, then I will have something that I have accomplished.

So what is my word? Here it is:


I have chosen the word Growth. Now perhaps this word isn’t as concrete as other words I have seen floating around in Instagram and Facebook over the last couple of weeks. But I kind of did that on purpose. It’s my first time picking a word.. I wanted to make it easy… sort of… I actually spent a lot of time thinking about what my word should be. Growth seems to be the most appropriate because it covers so many areas that I want to improve upon in 2017.

I want to see growth in my business, both in Mini Backdrops, and my new Instagram consulting business that I am launching at the end of the month (Pink Skies Consulting). I don’t just mean financially either (although.. let’s get real.. it needs to grow financially). I want both to be centers of support for small businesses as well. I want to offer good products and also good content. I hope to make more connections with other small business owners, other boss moms, other creatives.

I want to have more personal growth this year. I felt like, personally, in 2016 I struggled. I had a hard time managing being a business owner, a mother, a wife, and then also a student that I forgot about myself. I need to remember to take care of myself so that when I am being a mother, a wife and a business owner I can be the best version of me.

I want more growth here, on this blog again. I used to blog often, and I am really hoping to do that more. I have no idea in what form right now. I kind of want to do some book reviews, because it gives me a little more push to read more, which I am always really happy that I have. We also got a bunch of board games for christmas, so I was thinking of many doing some board game reviews as well. Because to do that, it means I actually need to sit down and play board games.. sounds like fun right? I also want to get back to blogging about what it is like being in Denmark, and maybe some updates on my struggles with fibromyalgia, being a mother, being a business owner.. the options are endless. I don’t know what, but something, anything is better than nothing.

So there you have it. My word for 2017 is Growth.

Do you have a word?