Can you believe that this:

Turned into this:

And is now this:

If you follow my Instagram account, then you would have seen me whining about packing up the rest of Sophie’s small clothes. It was a sad moment for me. If you are new around there, Sophie is our 4th child, and our last. No more babies for us. Last week she also moved from daycare to preschool (børnehaven). A last minute decision was made in december that she should start early. A whole 8 months early, as they normally move up at the age of 3. However at 2 years and 4 months, Sophie was bored in daycare. Most of the other kids were quite a bit younger than her, and she is smart, and very talkative for her age. This is probably due to having 3 older siblings. Some days the daycare would go hang out with the kids in preschool, and she loved this, because there were more stimulating toys there.

So, when we were told that a new preschool group was being started Jan. 1st, and they were wondering if Sophie would like to join, and after much discussion with her teachers, both the one she had and the one she would have, it was decided that she would really benefit to moving up early. She would get the chance to start with a small group before other joined later in the year. She will almost get one on one time, which doesn’t happen often, and this is a really really great thing for her.

I will be honest, I was totally with the idea from the beginning. She needs the extra stimulation that being in daycare couldn’t provide… BUT…. I was also totally sad about it. My baby isn’t a baby anymore… and I am not going to have anymore babies… so this is a stage in our lives that is over. Insert lots of mommy tears here. Packing up her small clothes, some clothes that all 4 of our kids have used, more mommy tears. I am kind of depressed about it. Not in a ‘I need to have another baby’ way, but in a ‘I’m sad I don’t get that time back’ kind of way. The baby is over. Just over. It was sweet while it lasted, and I wish it could have lasted longer.

It was going to happen sometime… I knew it was coming… I wasn’t prepared for it to come so soon. I thought I had a few more months. Sophie is taking leaps and bounds and each day I can see us stepping further and further away from being a baby and a toddler…. she is becoming a little person, a preschooler, with her own opinions and thoughts about the world around her.

It is sad, but it is also exciting. It is exciting to get to see who she is going to be. To get little glimpses of who she can become, and it is fun watching her discover things, and also watching her delight of communicating with us, and having us completely understand her back. Even if it means she is not happy with our understanding and she disagrees. But then.. we getting little glimpses of the toddler, with the tantrums. Because really, she is still only 2, so she is still kind of my baby right?