I am not a food blogger, however I found a recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies ever and I had to share.

best chocolate chip cookies ever

I will provide the link right away before I go into why this recipe is the best one I have found, so here it is: Best Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Okay, so why are these so awesome? Let me tell you..

Since moving to Denmark 10 years ago, I have not been able to make a decent chocolate chip cookie. For one, finding chocolate chips are next to impossible, and all recipes here are in grams instead of cups that I am used too, so there is always issues with conversions.. etc. For the most part, I had given up on making them. Every recipe I have tried just did not work out. The usually turned out too hard. In fact.. I even tried this one at some point… and it was a total failure. However the other day I was having a total sugar craving, and had everything I need to make them, and I really wanted some good chocolate cookies, so I decided to give them ago.

chocolate chip cookies

However, this time I was careful to follow all the directions. You see, normally I am a throw a bunch of stuff in a bowl kind of baker.. most of the time it works out, not so much with cookies though. But I was determined to for them to turn out! So I made sure to use exact measurements, including that extra egg yolk and not an entire egg instead…

chocolate chip cookies

And they turned out perfect! Twice! Because you know, there is 6 people in this house and we ate the first batch in one day, so of course I had to make a second batch. Everyone agreed, these were awesome.. but then again.. I think my kids will eat anything with chocolate in them.. the husband too.

But here it the recipe again incase you missed it above: Best Big, Fat, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie