So the other day (maybe it was yesterday?) I gave a bit of an update on my fibromyalgia and how that is going. But I failed to mention something really great that has happened as a result of having fibromyalgia. I found a really great friend.

I don’t have many fibro friends, in fact, I don’t have many friends at all. I am not a social butterfly, and I tend to not make friends quickly, and I have never had a lot of friends. When you add the extra component of being in a different country speaking a language you are terrible at, making friends is hard. We have also moved a lot in Denmark, so I didn’t really have a good friend other than my husband for the first 9 years here.

Fast forward to about two years ago when we bought our house and I started my photography business. I was doing a discount, and one of the local moms contacted me for pictures. I had no idea who she was, or who her kids were. So naturally I Facebook stalked her. Not long after I found out that her youngest and Olivia were also good friends, and that she also has a son in Elisabeth’s class. One day she posted a fibro thing on facebook. Being in a new town, with new doctors, with a flare up, I decided to reach out and find out if the doctors here were ‘fibro friendly’.  And that is were our friendship started to form.

Then… my kids went over to play and I learnt that she lived on a farm, with horses. Elisabeth had been asking me about riding horses for a while, so at some point we made the deal of I will take pictures of her kids, and Elisabeth can have some free riding lessons. Really I wanted lessons, but was too chicken to say so. I didn’t want her to think I only liked her for her horses, so I kept my horse excitement to a minimum. I wasn’t that successful:

I am not sure how it happened, or exactly when, but that is me up on that horse. I have only been up on the horse a handful of times now, but now we talk kids, fibro and horse things. My kids love being at their place, and although I think my house is pretty boring, the couple of times her kids have been here they have been happy. Somehow I have managed to fine a great friend, and also have a bit of that horse life that I have always missed in my life (another post for that another time).  I actually have a new project. The plan is that I am going to work with and train her other horse, and when I can purchase him. The horse in the picture is not him, he isn’t ride-able yet. But I also get to ride  the other horse and work on that too.

I actually told my friend yesterday that I hope she doesn’t think I am only friends with her because of the horses. She just laughed at me and said she is glad to have someone to share the hobby with. I feel fortunate that I have found a friend who gets my fibro, shares my interest in horses, and also loves my kids.

So not everything to do with my fibromyalgia is negative. There is still a silver lining to it all.