This past month or so has just been a crazy roller coaster… I have so much to share, but my head is so full and I honestly do not know where to start. So instead you get flowers.

Spring is finally starting to pop up here and there. Although today it is rather cold.

I actually can’t wait for more flowers… So many of our spring flowers are getting close to blooming. Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips… I really want to make sure I get out and take more pictures this year. However, I think this year I might try and find more crocus’.

We don’t have many in our garden right now, and I have this idea that I would love to plant a bunch around our trees. Really I would love to cover the entire hard, however with 4 kids that isn’t realistic.

Under our one trees, there are a bunch of snowdrops. I love where there is a carpet of flowers.. it is so pretty. I think that will be my gardening goal this year, plant a bunch of Cocus’ and whatever under that tree.

Well, there you have it. Flowers. I hope to write about all the excitement and all that has been going on here at home soon.