I few blog posts ago I wrote a bit about how I was getting a horse… then I wrote how I was no longer getting that horse. With my last post, I didn’t write much on the subject. It was a sore spot for me, and I had a really really hard time coming to terms with it. I was really excited about the idea of having that ‘horse life’ I had always dreamt about and honestly felt like it was something I was supposed to have and was taken away from me (I was less than 2, so it’s not like I can remember…). So to suddenly have the entire situation taken from me was difficult.

The short story is, the horse I was supposed to buy I had not paid for yet, and my friend that owned it, well her and her husband decided to divorce, and the horse was sold. I do not have the fund right now to purchase a horse, as well as pay the stabling fees that I would, as their farm is being sold. It was hard all around because the original plan was to also sell her horse. That was also incredibly hard for her, and I stuffed my feelings down and helped her take pictures with her horse.

Which we did. But after that day, we both kind of decided we needed to find a way for her to be able to keep her horse. I think it would be a terrible thing for her to loose her horse that is clearly bonded with her, so I have promised to help where I can. We have found a place for her to stay, however, it is a bit far, so we are off today to look at another stable tonight.

We had, for the most part, avoided talking about the other horse. My friend was also upset about the situation and felt bad about how it turned out. But one day a couple of weeks ago, we went out for a drive and we talked about it, and it has been somewhat decided that we are going to ‘share’ her horse. The horse will always be hers of course, but I am free to ride and do what I would like with her as well, and together we will help with the stable, etc. So I am back to doing horsey things…

I really want to do some liberty work with her, and have done a little bit in the field with her. I don’t have any ambitions to do any shows, be a super good rider or anything. I just want to hang out, occasionally ride, and work on being at least a confident rider. I should mention I am not nervous when I am with or up on her. I do however need to work on my balance. She can a little bit pushy with me. Not in a dangerous way, but I do need to show her that it is me that is in control when we are together, she is however for the most part good with me, just stubborn at times. But she always comes to greet me, and she will freely walk with me.

And yes… I have my first time falling off a horse now… something everyone who rides will experience (so I am told). However, this was probably entirely my fault.. for some reason, we (me..) thought it would be a good idea for me to hop on her bareback, with only the halter and lead rope after doing some pictures with her yesterday. Normally this would not really be a big deal with her. She is usually very good… however…. we were out in the field, and in the neighboring field is a new horse… a sexy male horse… and I had been riding earlier in the week and my legs are sore and tired (in other words.. no gripping strength) and she felt that she had to go over to the fence… like now… and trotted over there. Me, with no balance, and not leg strength… meant I slide off on the way over to the fence. I fell okay, I think, I didn’t land on my head or my hand, I did though have my foot stepped on. It is not broken, but pretty sore to walk on today, and a bit green. The rest of me is fine. I have a slight headache, but nothing worse than a normal day for me.

So my next challenge will be getting back up on her within the week. I am not really worried about it. But I will let you know.

Oh… and I should mention… my husband is really thrilled about it all. I have been too sore to do anything fun (wink wink) with him this past week from riding, then when I was able to get back in the saddle so to say… I go and fall off the horse. Luckily, he loves me and was sweet enough to go to work late and help me with the kids this morning.