I am still having the worst fibro flare up I have ever had and it just doesn’t want to let up. I am in constant pain. Sometimes it is worse than other times, but for the past few weeks I can’t remember a single moment where I didn’t have pain in my body.

But it isn’t just the pain. The fibro fog is terrible, I feel like I am living in a hazy world, where sometimes it is hard to follow along in simple sentences. And I am so tired. I just want to sleep all the time, however since I own a business even napping is out of the questions. Wouldn’t matter anyways because I am so uncomfortable I can’t sleep anyways. All this is having a terrible effect on my mood. I am just miserable. Constant pain and constant exhaustion will do that do you.

I do have some medications to manage pain, however they make me high, which I have found to not be very helpful when you need to be running a business, and I have found I have been making a lot of mistakes lately. Mistakes cost me money and time, and it isn’t a good thing, but more so, it is super frustrating because it is my fault, yet I can’t see what I can do about it.

But I am desperate for things to change. I can’t keep going the way I am. I have never been lucky as far as medications go. However I know that many people have had a lot of luck with changing their diet. But for me, finding the right diet to follow has been really difficult. Most require you to cut out everything (dairy, sugar, grains, pretty much all cabs and all meats), and I am honestly just not interested in that. However I think I have found one that I might be able to stick to.

Someone mentioned to another friend on Facebook the book Eat to Live and I decided to look it up. My initial research was encouraging, so today I bought the book. I have skimmed through it, and I have to say at first look I am pretty impressed. It is a very restrictive program, but it doesn’t cut out everything. Sugar and dairy, and generally any processed foods are a no go. If you want to loose weight fast, then you can cut out meats completely, but there is a non vegetarian plan as well. But what I like most is the author writes in a way that makes sense to me. Slip ups happen, but as long as you don’t over do it, and get back to the plan as soon as possible, then don’t stress. Just don’t let it happen more than once a week.

It has some really good guidelines that I think I can follow, and I am determined to do it for 6 weeks. I will probably be able to give a better post about the book itself once I read the entire thing, but my plan is to start on Tuesday. On Monday Sean and I are going out to celebrate our wedding anniversary and I want to enjoy that with out worry. But Tuesday… that is when I am going to be strict and do my best to stick to it and see if that helps.

I think I am going to write here about it once a week to keep myself accountable. Perhaps with some stats to follow and so I can also see my own progress. I will hash that out more on Tuesday.

But for now, wish me luck. Hopefully I will stick to it….