As promised on Sunday, today is Tuesday and I am starting the Eat to Live diet. And if I am going to be honest, I am not feeling all that ready for it. I did go shopping yesterday and got a bunch of stuff, but I also forgot stuff. Some key items that would have made today a little bit easier. Oh well… on wards.

The gist of the diet is this:

Each day I should eat at least 1 pound of raw veggies, 1 pound of cooked veggies, 4 servings of fruit, and beans and lentils should be incorporated every day. Although I can quite remember how much. Startchy vegetables should be are avoided, but are allowed if kept to a minimum. Grains are also ok, but very limited amounts. The same goes for meat. Meat in generally should be avoided if you want to loose a lot of weight quickly. I think I am going to limit to once or twice a week. You are allowed a handful of nuts and seeds a day.Things not accepted in the diet at all: dairy, salt, sugar and really any processed foods (think butter, oils..etc), juices are also not allowed for drinking, but can be used minimally in making food.

Overall I don’t think this sounds impossible. I don’t eat a whole lot of dairy. Not enough to miss it. Sugar will be hard in the begging I think, and I am going to miss chips. I enjoy veggies and beans, but I am not big on fruit, so that might be kind of hard. I see a lot of smoothies over the next little while.

I believe you are supposed to cut out coffee and anything caffeine related items. However that is where I am going to deviate a bit. I am not ready to take on the caffeine withdrawal headaches right now. Maybe in a few weeks. But I am going to try flavored teas to avoid having to have sugar in my coffee. While I don’t take as much sugar in my coffee as I used to, I am not fond of just black coffee.

I am going to try and keep myself accountable by blogging about my progress once a week. But I need some starting stats. I was planning on posting pictures with this post as well, but I have one sick kid home today and I am not feeling 100% myself…. so laziness is winning there. But I did get on the scale:

Starting weight: 70.9 kg or 156 lbs

Pain Level this morning: 8

Sleep: Crappy

Mood: tired and moody

Allergies: Terrible

My goal is to get down to 56kg (123 lbs). This is a weight my doctor has agreed with me would be an okay weight. He doesn’t want me to go under 55kg, but he does want me under 60kg. He thinks one of the main issues causing my Fibromyalgia pain is the extra weight on my body. I am a small person, and although I don’t look overly overweight, I am, and it is clear that my body is telling me so. I however don’t have a time frame to get down to that number. The strict part of this diet is for 6 weeks. I do not expect to be at my target weight by that time. I am however hoping to be feeling better.

So that is what I am measuring my success on. So this morning, since I am not feeling 100% and have a little one home, I kept breakfast simple:

I could probably have had a bit more than just half a cantelop, but I am honestly just not that hungry. So we will see how the rest of the day goes.