I had a lot of plans for November. I really really wanted to complete a NaNoWriMo, and was hoping to blog here more, and I started the Eat To Live diet. November was supposed to a month for myself, however it really didn’t turn out that way. Here is the short run down of things…

  1. Sick kids
  2. Business website got hacked
  3. Speciality doctors appointments for two kids
  4. Surgery for one kid
  5. A shit ton of planned activities.

Some of these things were planned, others were not. The website hack wasn’t planned, resulted in down days, me having to move my website and huge delay in getting orders out. This combined with me still having a very good sales month has had me barely getting through all my work stuff.

The specialty doctors appointments were planned, however, the resulting surgery was not. Olivia had to go to the ear doctor because she had ear wax completely blocking both ears and it had to be removed. While there they did a general check and found she sounded very nasal and asked me if she has trouble sleeping. She does. It was decided at that moment that she most likely needed her adenoids out, and it should be done as soon as possible, so surgery was booked for that the following week. I will probably do a post about it, but that was an unexpected event in my plan for the month. All went well with that by the way.

We have also had a ton of planned activities for the kids this month. Soccer tournaments, handball tournaments, Christmas parties, light ups.. etc. and birthday parties.. so many birthdays in November!

It has just been crazy.

As you can imagine… I did not finish NaNoWriMo… I actually started really well.. then my file corrupted, and errored and then synced with my back up and that errored and I lost my work and had to start over again. I did get some done but was nowhere to being able to actually complete it. I am very disappointed with it, however, I am hoping to keep working on the story.

I did manage to stick to the Eat To Live diet for an entire week. That was the week that my website was hacked, but after that week, and the stress of everything else, I just gave up on it. It is a diet that has a lot of food prep, and I just didn’t have the time. That being said, I liked the diet and I plan to go back to it after Christmas. Or a modified version of it to make it work better for us as a family as a whole.

Oh, I also tried starting a workout routine, but it ended up giving me a terrible fibro flare and left me almost in tears for two days afterwards. This is extremely frustrating, as I really want to get into better shape, however, I need to find the level that my body is ready for, and my added stress of everything this month makes my fibro more intense….

So yeah… that was November. For December I have some work goals, but for the most part, I am not planning anything. I am just going to try and get through it until the 21st, then I am taking 6 days off to go on a little holiday with the family. So here’s to a better December….