Last year I decided to join in on the whole idea of choosing a word for the year. It is supposed to be a word that kind of sets your focus for the year. This year my word for 2018 is Listen.

Word For 2018

Before going more into my word for 2018, I want to talk about how last years word affected my year. Last year I chose the word growth.  I feel like I both had success and failure surrounding this word. On personal matters, I don’t feel like I achieved much growth. I feel like 2017 was very hard on me emotionally. I felt even more isolated from my family due to work, friendships where a rollercoaster, I found a passion that made me feel more complete but was taken from me leaving a hole I never realized I had and my health has just been crap. So on a personal level, I feel like I did not see much growth.

But on a business level, I scored big on growth. I reached business goals I never thought I would reach in 2017. I have made some wonderful connections and I am super proud of my accomplishments I have achieved with my business. It wasn’t easy by any measure, but I achieved growth in this aspect of my life.

So with that, I am leaving 2017 behind, and resetting my focus.


I honestly had a hard time finding a word for this year. The focus part was easy. I wanted a word that would remind me to slow down at times. 2017 wore me out, both emotionally and physically. This year, I don’t want to burn out so often. Last year I put a lot of focus and energy on my business. This year I want to put more focus on Me. I find when I take time to focus on myself, I am a better person in all the other aspects of my life.

This year I want to listen to my body more. I need to listen when it is screaming at me to take a moment. Whether it be physically or mentally. I need to take care of myself better this year so I can be more present with my family and my kids.

I also need to listen to the cues my family gives me about their needs. In general, they just need me to be around more. Even if it is just being up in the house and not in my office doing regular house stuff (cleaning, laundry… etc). I need to sit down and listen to my kids read to me. I need to sit down and read to them as well.

I need to listen to the cues my husband gives when it has just been too much lately because he won’t tell me this verbally.


This is going to be my mantra for 2018.

Do you have a word for 2018?