So back in November, I made the announcement to the internets that I was going to follow the Eat To Live diet… and I failed within two weeks. This is pretty typical for me. I am not good at sticking to diets. I never have, and I am not sure I will ever stick to a diet 100%.

Last time my failure was due to stress. A bunch of stuff happened within that first week of my diet, and I am a comfort eater. If I am stressed, I like to eat junk food. If I am sick, I like to eat junk food. It is just me. So after my failure, I figured I would just step up my exercise, and I was planning on following blogilates. But then my knee, which had been bothering me only a little bit started to hurt. Like a lot. Enough I booked myself a doctors appointment, and I am scheduled for an MRI this week to see what is going on. So all my get healthy ideas kind of went out the window.

But, Christmas is over, and I decided to give Eat To Live another go. However, I am not being 100% strict, because life happens and I have 4 small kids.

So, I have been following it again for a week, and I cheated the first few days because there were some candy and chocolate still around. I didn’t eat a lot of it, but I did eat it. Also, last night was an off night. We had guests over for dinner, and they brought dinner and I did not want to make a fuss over food. So with all that in mind I saw almost no weight loss. I lost 1 whole pound.

But here is the thing. Before starting the diet I would eat maybe one meal a day, and maybe some small snack during the day. I have never been a big eater, and I have been told that sometimes this habit can cause us to hold onto body weight because our body slows down the metabolism to compensate. Now I am eating three big meals a day. So really I am putting much more food in my body. Luckily I kind of love soup and salad, so this diet is not horrible for me.

That being said, on Friday my mood was terrible. While I love salad and soup, I am not a fan of bland salad and soup. We hadn’t done and good grocery shopping, so I did really have anything to make a salad dressing that was ok with the diet. So Friday I was grumpy about it all. I ended up going to bed early, and my mood was much improved by Saturday morning.

Other things bothering me in the first week was constipation and nausea and tummy pain. For most people, this type of diet makes them poop a lot. For me, it seems to be having the opposite effect. I have read that some people experience this in the beginning and it should pass. Hopefully, it does.

On a more positive note, my allergies are better than they were. I don’t have a constant runny nose. Also, surprisingly, I have less pain in my knee. I think the diet has helped a little with inflammation, and if that is really the cause, that in itself makes the diet worth it.

So after my first week, I am a bit split on how I feel about it. I expected much more weight loss but experienced less pain instead. Hopefully, I make it through week 2. I will let you know next week.