Landal Søhøjlandet

This year for Christmas we decided to not go visit family for Christmas, but instead, book a holiday at a holiday center in Denmark. The main reasoning behind this was because Julius is still having a hard time with his asthma and allergies, and still needs to avoid spending time with cats and dogs. So we had to avoid our usual visit to Sean’s mom this year. Everyone was kind of bummed about this, so I decided, well let’s go on a holiday then. We haven’t really done that before, and this year we could kind of afford it.

After looking around a bit on the internet, I found a really good deal for a 6 night stay in a luxury summerhouse at a resort called Landal Søhøjlandet (formerly Dayz Søhøjlandet). So on the 21st, we packed up the car, picked the kids up from school/preschool and headed on the 1-hour drive to the resort.

As you can see the car was packed to the brim. We had actually thought we would have to make an extra trip to make sure we could bring all the Christmas gifts, however, we managed to fit everything in the car. I promise Olivia and Sophie are also in there somewhere as well.

The drive was uneventful. The kids were excited. They had been informed that there were a swimming pool and lots of playgrounds at the resort. So they couldn’t wait to get there.

We arrived and check-in was quick and easy, we found our rented house quickly, and naturally, I forgot to take a picture of the outside. However inside it was quite nice.

It has 3 bedrooms with beds, 2 bathrooms, one with a spa and sauna in it, kitchen, dining room table that fits 6 or 7,  couch and some seating, and a decent sized tv. It was the perfect size for us and comfortable. Included in the price was all the linens and cleaning at the end. Electricity and water were extra, but they have set prices for each day, and in the end, it was less than 500 KR for the entire 5 days. We did have to go ask for a new linen package, as one we had when we opened it was full of dog hair. They apologized and gave us a new one without fuss. Another nice added bonus in the price was they provided a Christmas tree and decorations for it. We felt that this was a nice added touch.

The picture is terrible, but included were lights, a star, bulbs, and a pack to make your own decoration. We also received a Christmas card from them as well. There are all just small, extra touches that went a long way with us. It made us feel welcome.

In the house, there were also toys for the kids, books for all ages, a stereo for music, and board games.

The next few days a lot of time was spent either at the swimming pool or at one of the many playgrounds. I have an injured knee, so I only went to the pool twice, but the husband and the kids went every day and enjoyed it every time. We have no complaints about the pool. There is a little area for the smaller kids to play, and the main pool is divided into two areas. The deep end and the shallow end. There is a barrier between the two sides, so we felt pretty secure with letting the kids play in the pool. Available at the pool are also floaty wings and belts for the kids as well. There is also a hot tub, however, it is pretty small, and runs on a timer. If there is a lot of people at the pool, then if you want to use the hot tub you will have to line up. There is also a waterslide which I didn’t get to try, but the kids did and they enjoyed. Overall we felt the pool was really nice and good enough for our kids. They had a complete blast.

We had been a bit concerned before we arrived due to some reviews saying that it was a bit run down, however, they are in the process of renovating, and honestly, if you had complaints, then one is being really nitpicky.

The weather was not fantastic, so we didn’t spend a lot of time outside, but this resort does not disappoint with playgrounds. There are multiple ones, including a brand new that was just installed right before we arrived.

Here are some pictures of the other playgrounds as well:

There is also a mini-golf course and a Tarzan course:

There is also an artificial ski hill. This is usually closed, as it is pretty run down and needs to be replaced, however on the 24th they opened it up for a few hours and the kids were able to go sledding.

There was also plenty of time to just relax:


And of course Christmas was enjoyed:

So what is our conclusion about Landal Søhøjlandet? Honestly we really really enjoyed our stay. We have no complaints. The staff were very friendly, everything was open every day of our stay, the house we rented was comfortable, and most of all the kids had a really great time. We also think it would be a great place to stay in the summer. There is just so much to do for the kids. I am sure it won’t be the last time we go there. I forgot to mention that there are a couple of restaurants at the resort as well. We did not try these. We opted to cook our own food. There are plenty of grocery shopping opportunities close by, and anything you need is a maximum 15 to 20-minute drive away (although there is plenty much closer by). We would totally recommend this resort for families. Especially ones with smaller kids, as there is still plenty for them as well. We also hope to go back again.


I should also note that I was not paid or compensated at all for this review. We paid full price.