I feel like I have been living at the doctor’s office lately. Well actually, a few different offices. Between myself, Julius and Olivia we I have had to visit some sort of doctor every second week since November. Now between me having a chronic illness and Julius’s asthma, this was already kind of a reality of ours, but the last couple of months has been a bit nutty.

Olivia had gone to the ear and throat doctor back in October or November (I can’t remember) and it was decided that she would need to have her adenoids removed. She was scheduled for surgery quickly, and by quickly I mean the next week. I honestly had doubts while watching her being put under, but we were informed that her adenoids were huge and blocking everything and it was a very good choice to have them removed. Olivia took it like a champ, we went to McDonald’s afterward where she requested ice cream and carrots.

Friday she had her post-surgery checkup. Her nose looked good, however, her tonsils are huge, she has started snoring again, and I suspect the sleep apnea might have returned. Because of this, the doctor has suggested removal of her tonsils. However, we agreed together that we could wait for a couple more months for two reasons. At her initial checkup before her last surgery, they were not swollen. Also, it is cold and flu season, which can cause them to swell up. But, because they have been swollen in the past, and are again, we are going to do a control checkup in April. If they are still huge at that point, then they will need to come out. In the meantime, I need to check and see if her sleep apnea as returned. The doctor has also mentioned that she still sounds nasally, probably due to the tongue being pressed forward. So that is where we are with Miss Olivia.

Julius has been on a 6-week rotation of doctors visits with asthma and allergy doctor for almost 2 years now.

We had hoped that we would be able to not have to come so often, however in December, right before his appointment, he had a minor asthma attack two nights in a row, and had been complaining of head pain and stomach aches. We had gone down in his daily medicine, however, becasue of these complaints, right before Christmas he had to go back to full dose again. And we would have to still come in on the 6 week mark. This sucked. We are really trying to get him down in medicine because it has started to stunt his growth. We have been told that most kids, once they manage to get off the medicine go through a massive growth spurt. All I can say is I hope so. While the rest of Julius’s class is getting taller, Julius is staying the same, and he is now one of the smallest kids in the class. I’m not sure he notices or cares at the moment. So there is that. We head back to the doctor this week for his checkup. As of now, it looks like at least another 6 months of appointments every 4 to 6 weeks for him.

I have to say, all the doctors we have encountered with both Olivia and Julius have been fantastic and very kind and great with our kids. Even the anesthesiologist at Olivia’s surgery helped us sing her to sleep. I have never for a moment felt that my kids were not getting taken care of, and they have all be patient with me if I can’t manage to come up with the right words in Danish, and always take the time to make sure I understand (which I do 95% of the time anyway, but sometimes I need them to slow down or repeat). We have had some really shitty doctors here, and I have read so many horror stories from other expats. However we now have fantastic doctors, and I think the system is like any system in other countries. You are always going to have crappy doctors and good doctors.. no matter where you are. I am also really thankful for the fact that we don’t have to pay for any of these appointments. Everything is free here if it is by referral from your own doctors, and the medications have been very cheap.

So that is Olivia and Julius… As for me, I have had some extra trips as well. I have been having trouble with my knee for a while, but the last few months it has gotten worse, and in November very painful.

So I went to the doctors, and the thought is I have a tear in my meniscus. Why, we don’t know because I don’t remember hurting my knee at all, but my doctor decided to send me for a MRI. He put in the request in December, right before our holiday. I spent my holiday trying to rest it as much as I could. I finally went in for the MRI last week and am waiting for the answer, which I will hopefully get this week. This will mean more doctor appointments for me. There is no result that I would like to see, all of them will mean more doctor visits of some sort. I am tired of the pain. I am used to pain since I have fibro, my the added pain of my knee is driving me a bit nuts and really irritates me.

But luckily, like I said in the title of the post, the doctors are my best friends… or at the very least, very friendly people who I don’t mind talking to.