So the last time I really blogged about my Fibromyalgia I was not really in a good place. I am still struggling with it. I also seem to be having an uptick in the type of pain I am having. In December I visited the doctor about my knee, but we also discussed my fibro because I was having an issue with the pain meds I had. It was concluded that I just don’t tolerate opioids well. This significantly reduces my options for pain control. So once again we talked about antidepressants. I was reluctant, as my last round on them was not pleasant, but we wanted to try a different one. He told me to think about it, and if I decided to go ahead to just give him a call.

Jump to this week.

I got the results of the MRI scan on my knee, which found nothing, which means the pain is coming from the muscles around my knee. Possible knee strain… possible that it is just fibro pain. Pure frustration… I am tired, I haven’t been sleeping well, I have pain everywhere, and if I am going to be really honest with my self I have been having some anxiety and depression lately. So I decided to try the antidepressant.

So I now have a prescription for nortriptyline starting at 10mg two times a day for a week, then I will move up to 2 10mg pills 2 x a day (so 40mg a day). I have been reading up on this drug, and see that a lot of people use it for migraines and other pain issues. Some with success, some with not. The usual. What I was most interested in are the side effects. It seems this one ranks as a more mild drug for side effects. I tend to be sensitive, so Sean and I have made plans to we just expect me to be a zombie and somewhat useless for at least a week.

I took my first dose last night before bed and honestly did not sleep well at all. However it was only one does, and it sometimes needs to build up in the system. I took the second dose this morning, and I wouldn’t say I sleepy, and I am hazy and finding it hard to focus (I have had to make numerous corrections to this while typing…. thank goodness for spellcheck and Grammarly). So I won’t be doing much with Mini Backdrops today to avoid making mistakes there that will end up costing me money or time. I am going for a walk with a friend in an hour, so maybe some fresh air will clear me up a bit.

But… I am going to hope that this drug helps, and I have decided I am going to give it enough time to work and that means giving it a few months. I just hope side effects don’t last long. And.. since weight gain is one of those side effects, and I still have the weight from the last time I am really hoping that I can avoid that one.

So what was the point of this blog post? Well while researching, I found not much on nortriptyline for fibromyalgia, so I figured I might as well blog about it, as I know it is something prescribed for it often. So I will keep you updated.