It has been a really long time since I have really written a post on the kids. I figured since the boy turns 7 this week, it is a good time.

I can’t believe he is turning 7 already. It seems like yesterday that I was writing up his birth story. He was so cute then. As I am trying to write this he is driving me absolutely bonkers! This picture is from earlier today:

But if I am going to be completely honest it isn’t just him.. but the 4 of them getting in constant trouble. But they are enjoying each other, so I am trying my best to take deep breathes and ignore the fact the keep throwing things at each other and hurting each other…

Anyways… where was I… oh right… Julius is turning 7.

So what has the last year looked like for Julius? Well he started school in the fall and he took it very well. He actually took it better than we thought he would due to his sensitivity issues. He has slid a bit of the wrong way are far as that goes, but for the most part school is good.

He started playing soccer and he seems to really like that. He practices weekly and has the occasional tournament on the weekends. He has also faired really well there, and although he has had his moment, the coaches are fantastic with him. He seems to have made more friends there as well.

He is so much better at trying new things:

A year ago there would have been no way we could have got him to try on chain mail at a museum.

He is also really smart, but he doesn’t want us to know it. If we ask him to do some math, or letters…. or even English he will often play dumb. But then we catch him doing it when he doesn’t think we are listening. He is a perfectionist though. He gets that from me, and sometimes it is hard to get him to do things like drawing. He doesn’t want to be wrong, but we are working on that.

His asthma is still a work in progress. It is getting better, but we haven’t had luck going down in dose amount, which we are really trying to do as we can see it has started to stunt his growth a bit. We are hoping late spring will be the chance for us to go down in medicine.

His biggest fault right now? Totally addiction to video games. We don’t even let him play that much, but it is difficult to get him to stop and he asks constantly to play. Again we are working on it.

All that being said, he is still very much my baby boy. With all his doctors appointments over the last two years we have had a chance to build a special relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I have a special relationship with all my kids, but there is something different about the Mom and Son dynamic. He is a very kind hearted guy, and when he isn’t driving my nuts he is there to give me hugs. Except if one of his friends can see. Then I am only allowed to give him a hug if he deems me worthy of that moment. Luckily this is most of the time as long as I promise to not kiss him.

I am treasuring this time with him, where he is still one foot in of being my baby boy and one foot in to becoming his own person and starting to grow up more.

So want I am trying to say is… Happy Birthday Julius. I figure one day you will read this, and just know that even though today I was ready to put you up for sale as some point, I love you and would have never ACTUALLY sold you.