My name is Desirae, and this is one of my homes on the web.

Here I blog about whatever I feel like. It is my personal blog and mostly focuses on my life of a mother of 4 (more about the kiddos in a minute).

I currently live in Denmark with my husband, but I am Canadian. Being expat provides some interesting situations and sometimes I blog about that too.

I am a work at home mom. I run a photography business (Desirae Rasmussen Photography) and have a webshop where I sell photography backdrops and other newborn photography items here in Europe. Ocassionally I also do some webdesign. I have never been happier in my career choice. Want to get to know me better? Be sure to subscribe to my blog!

The Ducklings:

There are 4 little ducklings that are the stars of the blog. My children.

My oldest is Elisabeth. She was born in March 2010.
Next up is our son, Julius. He was born in February 2011.
The third, Olivia. She was born in September 2012.
And the last, Sophie. She was born August 2014.
You read that right… 4 children in 4 years. They sure make life interesting!